Maryland CASH (Creating Assets, Savings and Hope) Campaign 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

The FSP is a project funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation which uses technology to connect and to empower non-profit service providers with tools, resources, and training to help individuals and the community to build strong financial futures.

Basically, it’s a network of non-profits and other assistance providers who are working together to make sure that low- to moderate- income individuals and families get the services they need. This website is a nexus for that network, a centralized place where practitioners can connect, serve, and grow. For more, please see About the FSP.

Can my organization join the FSP?

The FSP will grow the network of participating organizations each year. While there is not grant funding for new partners, we are happy to talk to you about becoming a referral partner. Email for more information.

What does participation in the FSP entail?

For an organization, participating in the FSP means that you receive training on financial social work, the details of the project, and the use to the Asset Platform and the Baltimore Local Page. It means you agree to recruit clients into the Pathway, and to use the tools of the Baltimore Local Page to help each client determine a financial goal and to make a referral to the best organization to help that client achieve his or her goal.

For a client, participating in the FSP means that you receive more than one service. Each client’s Pathway starts with a core service: free tax preparation, benefit screening, or credit counseling. Then the client works with the counselor to determine the best financial goal to work towards, and accepts a referral to an organization which can help the client to achieve that goal. The client may also agree to voluntarily participate in a research study associated with the FSP; this research will focus on services accessed, tangible outcomes, and financial indicators.

How do I use this site?

The main tool on this site is the Baltimore Smart Referral Tool. It has been designed for use by you, the practitioner, with the client in 15 minutes or less. It will walk you through the collection of some basic financial information, help the client to choose a financial goal, and then provide a “smart referral” of the best service to help that client meet the financial goal which they have selected. At the end, the tool will give the option for the client to have the referral email to them, to the agency, or to you as the counselor.

The Baltimore Local Page also has issue-specific resource sheets available in the Resource Bank, and other key resources under “Baltimore News and Links.” The Page spotlights a practitioner from within the network for good work, and provides access to the Asset Platform as well where many more resources are held.

Thanks for reading. If you have additional questions, please email Lara Henneman at .