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The Maryland CASH Academy, a signature program of the Maryland CASH (Creating Assets, Savings and Hope) Campaign, offers free personal finance classes on a wide variety of topics across the state of Maryland. Search for a class by location, date, topic or educator.

Financial Education


2016 Financial Education Summit
The 2016 Financial Education Summit was on April 25, 2016 in Howard County. It was well attended by many individuals and organizations interested in the state of Financial Education in Maryland and how they can positively effect it in the future. Click here to see photos from the Summit!

Maryland CASH Academy™: The Maryland CASH Campaign is committed to helping Maryland residents obtain the credible, non-biased financial education needed to learn how to meet their financial goals. In partnership with service providers such as nonprofits, banks, credit unions, educational institutions, and other financial professionals, the Maryland CASH Academy:

  • Grants access to free or low-cost financial education classes on a range of topics
  • Provides a statewide calendar of financial education classes, workshops, and events
  • Offers an easy student registration process by phone or online, and
  • Connects financial educators, and provide them with professional training opportunities

Additionally, in July 2011, the Maryland CASH Academy launched its small group initiative. Eighteen individuals were selected to meet on weekly basis for two months to discuss their financial goals. Group members achieved goals such as eliminating credit card balances, establishing emergency savings, and consistently spending within their incomes.

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Maryland Money Helpline™: Money is stressful…but now there is help! Improve your finances today by calling the free Maryland Money Helpline at 1-877-355-1763 sponsored by Baltimore CASH Campaign, Maryland CASH Campaign, and Consumer Credit Counseling Service of MD & DE Inc.  The helpline offers free, confidential financial counseling to all Maryland residents regardless of their income level, debt, or financial status. Certified financial counselors can assist with:

  • Budgeting
  • Debt Management
  • Delinquencies, Creditors, or Collection Agencies
  • Problems due to loss of income

Staff Training: Organizations involved in human services, such as government agencies or non-profits, have benefit from Maryland CASH Campaign led staff trainings. Social service providers are keenly aware of the difficulties clients experience when it comes to handling finances and, although staff are not equipped to, these organizations want to help. Understanding the delicate balance between financial counseling and financial coaching, the Maryland CASH Campaign can design a suitable workshop which will equip staff with the tools they need to incorporate financial topics into their already existing processes of working with clients. To inquire about a staff training for your organization, please contact the Director of Financial Education.

2017 Financial Education and Capability Awards

The Financial Education and Capability Awards Program highlights the dedication and success of public school teachers and community champions who deliver financial education. Financial education focuses on a range of financial management concepts and behaviors including budgeting, careers and income, credit, savings, financial decision-making, and understanding values and habits about money. View the Press Release on the awards here.

2017 Financial Education and Capability Award Winners:

  • Elementary School Teacher or Program: Taylor Estes, Princess Anne Elementary School (Somerset County). Personal finance units with life lessons on living within your means
  • Middle School Teacher or Program: Joseph DeStefanis, Margaret Brent Middle School, Mechanicsville (St. Mary’s County). Authored “The Stock Market for Life” to teach The Stock Market Game to public school students
  • High School Teacher or Program: Nicole Cathirell, New Town High School, Owings Mills (Baltimore County). Exemplifies the Junior Achievement mission of empowering youth to own their own economic success
  • Community Champion Award (Individual Educator): Tisa Silver Canady, University of Maryland, Baltimore (Baltimore City). Volunteer educator, speaker & advocate for financial education at UMB’s campus & throughout Greater Baltimore
  • Outstanding Organization Award: MakingChange, (Howard County). Provides financial education in a variety of ways and locations to low-to-moderate income adults in Howard County

Video of last year’s winners. Click here for photos from 2016’s Awards!

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See what’s new on the CASH Academy site.